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U.S. $85 per day
U.S. $95 per day
U.S. $190 per day
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4 days 3 nights
in the Philippines
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I would like to thank you for everything, we had a beautiful vacation and our guide was excellent. We are delighted and longing to return as soon as we earn enough to travel! Thanks again.

George, Virginia
The tours were great - Benny is a fantastic guide and we enjoyed the day thoroughly. I'd love to take another tour with him in the future. Thanks for your help!

JB, Las Vegas


Just wanted to let you know that I had a fantastic vacation at the Puerto Princesa. The water, sand, & weather were the best I have EVER had in all my travels! Thanks for all you help in assisting me to be in paradise.

Neil, CA


Discover the beauty of the Philippines, the Greece of Asia. A country with more than 7000 islands, spectacular waterfalls, mountains and white beaches. The population is very friendly and always smiling and nearly everybody can speak the English language.

In the Philippines the sun is shining the whole year. You never get bored in this country. During the day you can enjoy your holiday vacation tour we organize for you; or simply enjoying and laying lazy on the beach or at the swimming pool. From the evening and whole night, till the early hours in the morning you can enjoy the exciting nightlife of the Philippines.


Boracay is one of the top tourist locations in the Philippines...

Malapascua Island. A paradise island, with beautiful bounty white beaches...

Puerto Princesa is a culinary paradise. On the cliffs and in the caves are thousands of birds...

Angeles City. This is the ideal tour to start your holiday adventures to the Philippines...
5 days 5 nights
$ 85 a day
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5 days 5 nights
$ 85 a day
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4 days 4 nights
$ 85 a day
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7 days 7 nights
$ 85 a day
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The Philippines is one of the most beautiful country in the world for watersports. From snorkeling, surfing or having a diving course and discover the marine world with its coral reefs with tropical fishes or swimming around in the sunken ships of the second World War. Optional ultra light flying or a day gold washing, everything can be arranged for you. You love sports! The Philippines have many beautiful golf courses and tennis courts. Enjoy your dream holiday in paradise.

Nearly everybody who comes to the Philippines falls in love with this country and want to come back on their next holiday. We can arrange a very attractive travel program for you and we will do everything to give you your dream holiday.

You can arrange your own holiday, by making your choice out of the travel modules and connect them together, for your personal travel program. You can choose out of Budget Class, Economy Class and First Class.

A. All our tours are fully private from begin to end.
B. You decide the period of time of your holiday.
C. You pay per day the price for your holiday in the Philippines.
D. You decide the destinations in the Philippines you want to go.
E. Your holiday doesn't have to be by group. Every single booking gets the same service and high quality.
F. We can also arrange for you the cheapest prices of the flights.

Our tours in the Philippines starts U.S. $ 85 a day.
(Based on 2 persons price per person excluded the flight).

BUDGET CLASS - U.S. $ 85 per day
ECONOMY CLASS - U.S. $ 95 per day
FIRST CLASS - U.S. $190 per day

Things you have to know:
For visiting the Philippines you need a passport that is at least valid for 6 months. For a stay of up to 21 days a visa is not needed. For a longer stay than 21 days, you will need a visa which you can get at any Philippine embassy, or we can arrange it for you here in the Philippines.

Butterfly Travel hopes to see you soon in the Philippines. In the mean time we wish you MABUHAY!

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